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Vizion Aluminum Motorboats

Boats model range

  • vizion 440 RS black
  • vizion 440 RS red
  • vizion 440 RS orange
  • vizion 440 RS white
  • vizion 440 RS blue

Size Weight Engine People
4,4x1,9m 290kg 50hp 4
  • vizion 440 CS black
  • vizion 440 CS red
  • vizion 440 CS orange
  • vizion 440 CS white
  • vizion 440 CS blue

Size Weight Engine People
4,4x1,9m 350kg 50hp 4
  • vizion 470 RS black
  • vizion 470 RS red
  • vizion 470 RS orange
  • vizion 470 RS white
  • vizion 470 RS blue

Size Weight Engine People
4,7x1,95m 430kg 70hp 4
  • vizion 470 S black
  • vizion 470 S red
  • vizion 470 S orange
  • vizion 470 S white
  • vizion 470 S blue

Size Weight Engine People
4,7x1,95m 420kg 70hp 4
  • vizion 470 black
  • vizion 470 red
  • vizion 470 orange
  • vizion 470 white
  • vizion 470 blue

Size Weight Engine People
4,7x1,95m 470kg 70hp 4
  • vizion 470 pro black
  • vizion 470 pro red
  • vizion 470 pro orange
  • vizion 470 pro white
  • vizion 470 pro blue

Size Weight Engine People
4,7x1,95m 430kg 70hp 4
  • vizion 500 black
  • vizion 500 red
  • vizion 500 orange
  • vizion 500 white
  • vizion 500 blue

Size Weight Engine People
5,0x2,18m 630kg 115hp 5
  • vizion 560 black
  • vizion 560 red
  • vizion 560 orange
  • vizion 560 white
  • vizion 560 blue

Size Weight Engine People
5,6x2,3m 780kg 200hp 6
  • vizion 600 black
  • vizion 600 red
  • vizion 600 orange
  • vizion 600 white
  • vizion 600 blue

Size Weight Engine People
6,0x2,36m 880kg 225hp 6

Main distinctive features

Why exactly VIZION

Speed and reliability

A unique combination of navigability and enormous margin of safety
Our engineers and constructors have been developing the hull shape and the basic structures for three years. The result of their work is a boat that combines navigability, weight and enormous margin of safety.

Equipment and style

The fullest complete package only
VIZION boats are available in one set of components and it is the fullest. There are five colors and two variants of board style for our clients to choose. We will make sure that you are always proud of your purchase.


We pay special attention to the safety of our boats
We entrusted the safety check to the top experts of the field – International Marine Certification Institute. They carried out all the tests that were necessary to confirm the absolute safety of our boats.


Low maintenance costs
Our clients can save on the price of the motor, as well as on its attendance and fuel burn rate. For instance, the Model 440 has got the power motor allowance of 50 HP. This engine allows you to reach speed of up to 60 km/h.

10 year warranty!

For the hull and welded joints
Owing to the high skills of our employees we can assure clients of the quality of our products. Therefore the warranty for the hull and welded joints is 10 years. At our production plant we always help clients with finding resolution for any problems.


Convenient for transportation and storage
As the weight of equipped boat (Model 440) does not exceed 500 kg, its transportation does not demand a trailer with carrying capacity more than 550 kg. Usually such trailers do not exceed 6 m in length.


VIZION is an official dealer of the best manufacturers for aluminum motorboat accessories and equipment.
We are ready to install any equipment and accessories on your motorboat.

Development and manufacturing
of aluminum motorboats

Limited Liability Company “FISHBOAT” has signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on Incubation support within the framework of the ERDF Project No. “Regional Business Incubators and Creative Industries Incubator” and No. SKV-L-2018/183.