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What is the connection between the details of the boat hull?
Connection between the details of the aluminum boat hull
The main principle of structural connection is electric arc welding in inert-gas environment.
How does VENUS deck carpet perceive the effects of ultraviolet and moisture?
How  does  it  perceive  the  effects  of  ultraviolet  and moisture
In our production we use VENUS carpet from an Italian manufacturer. It is not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet radiation and moisture, as it is specially created for the design of the exterior of water transport.
How to clean boat and deck carpet from dirt?

You can clean boat and deck VENUS carpet at any CARWASH station.
What speed does the model 440CS with a 50 hp engine?
What speed does the model 440CS with a 50 hp engine?
The maximum speed of this model with two people is 55 km / h.
Can you install my engine on a boat?
Is it possible to install other engines on boats?
Yes. Depending on the brand of engine, it can cost from 100 to 300 euros.
How fast can you unload and load the boat on the trailer?

Thanks to our trailers, loading mechanism and fixtures, loading and unloading of the boat can be accomplished in 2.5 minutes.

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