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Price: 9 800 €* (VAT incl.)

* The indicated price is valid in case of purchasing a product in Latvia from our warehouse.
Each VIZION boat is designed to use the maximum usable area with the lowest motor power. Our model VIZION 410 is no exception. This boat is designed for engines of 15-20 hp, and the total area of the boat is 6.7 square meters! The boat has compartments for storing various equipment, storage space for four spinnings with a length up to 2.7 meters, an aerator, a rail system at the side for attaching various accessories, deck lighting, a bilge pump, cigarette lighter … And as always, our unmatched quality in every detail! All this will make your experience on the water as comfortable as possible. The maximum speed of the model VIZION 410 with a 20 hp engine is 45 km/h.


Engine YAMAHA F20
Propeller pitch 10
Speed km/h (1 pers., 30+80kg) 38
Speed km/h (2 pers., 30+160kg) 36
Speed km/h (3 pers., 30+240kg) 35
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 BLACK
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 RED
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 ORANGE
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 WHITE
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 BLUE
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 BLACK
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 RED
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 ORANGE
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 WHITE
  • Motorboat VIZION 410 BLUE

Technical data

Total length, mm 4100
Total width, mm 1780
Hull height in midsection, mm 750
Transom height, mm 380
Thickness – bilge/board, mm 2 / 2
Hull composite material AL 5083 H111
Transom deadrise
Load limit (weight of passengers and luggage), kg 350
Max people capacity 3
Max engine power, HP 30
Weight of rigged hull (excluding outboard motor), kg 220
Category С

Basic equipment

  • Electric wiring
  • Wiring duct for additional equipment (сable hoist, electric motor)
  • Socket (12V)
  • 4 retractable cleats, stainless
  • Trunk boxes with drainage system
  • Navigation lights
  • Parking light
  • Water pump
  • 2 seat WISE Blast Off
  • 3 bases for seats of the cockpit
  • Base for a seat of the front part
  • 2 removable stands for seats
  • Hull coating
  • Battery switch
  • Holders for 4 spinnings (2,7 m)
  • Marine carpeting or vinyl finishing
  • LED lighting on the deck (2 lamps)

Optional equipment

Aerator 80l + 300 €


The inneterior and exterior surfaces of the boat VIZION 410 are covered with marine carpeting VENUS 437 SPACE. This carpeting was made exclusively for water transport exterior. It is moisture-, ultraviolet-resistant, other aggressive environment does not affect it. Easy to wash, dries quickly, keeps its form for a long time. Any stains can be easily washed off at the car wash with the help of high-pressure pulser. Decks can be finished with marine vinyl MariDeck if the client chooses so.

Compartment arrangement

  • The interior space of all the compartments in the boat VIZION 410 are finished with marine carpeting VENUS 437 SPACE. Drainage system is installed for each compartment so that your possessions are always dry.

Motorboat VIZION 410 overhead

Front compartment or Aerator

Aearator 80L optional
For storage of large things, such as: casting seats, rescue equipment, anchor, rope, other equipment. Finishing – carpet.

Optional Aerator:
Capacity with water 80 l
Pump (1)
Tap with a filter for withdrawal of water
Spraying cap
Set of hoses and fitting pieces

Front compartment

Large front compartment
For larger things like life saving appliances, ropes etc.

Right rear compartment

Compartment for battery and place for extra things

Right Spinning Holder

Meant for 2 spinning rods up to 2,7 m in length (unfolded)

Left Spinning Holder

Meant for 2 spinning rods up to 2,7 m in length (unfolded)

Left rear compartment

Compartment for fuel tank and place for extra things


For checking the pumps, cables and any water in the bulge

Equipment and finishing options

Vinyl finishing Marideck

Vinyl finishing

Price: + 0 €
The decks can be finished with marine vinyl MariDeck. Marideck is an embossed vinyl with an anti-slip dense surface.
Boat design change 410

Boat design

Price: + 0 €
5 colors of hull sides are available – with VIZION logo chrome plated.
Seats color ATTWOOD Centric 2

Seats color

Price: + 0 €
Ergonomic seats WISE Blast Off Bass Boat Torsa Ergonomic Seat series. 5 colors are available.
Seats model ATTWOOD Centric 2

Seats model

Price: + 300 €
Standart seats can be replaced with ATTWOOD Centric 2. 5 colors are available.


VIZION is an official dealer of the best manufacturers for aluminum motorboat accessories and equipment.
We are ready to install any equipment and accessories on your motorboat.

Development and manufacturing
of aluminum motorboats

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